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Undertaking Grace is dedicated to transforming our current views on death and what we have been led to believe 'should happen'. Your rights in Australia are very broad and we work with you to create a unique ceremony for your circumstances.

Our Don't Die Without Me Toolkit brings everything together to lead you towards a peaceful transition and your family to a healthier bereavement. Please click on this link to learn more.


Our Home Vigils and Funerals are tailored to honour your deceased person creating a ceremony that celebrates their life and acknowledges your grief.

We also offer the following additional services:

Pre-Death Celebration

A celebration of life before death is growing in popularity due to its ability for people who are nearing death to be involved in a ceremony to show their appreciation to their loved ones and in turn hear how much of a loving impact they had on the lives around them.  It can be a way to celebrate the happier times, create closure, share the Will and may alleviate any stress from the actual funeral. Sometimes, this is the only celebration of someone's life and when they actually pass they choose to just have their family arrange a burial or cremation without a wake.


Undertaking Grace can help you in whatever way you need to create a unique and symbolic ceremony for you.

Guidance in Death and Bereavement

We provide guidance to assist those dying and those witnessing the dying.  Like birth, death is a great transition that life offers us. We never truly know what will happen until we ourselves experience it, however what we do know is that in death we are surrendering to a great unknown.  Dying well and healthy bereavement are crucial to Undertaking Grace’s foundations.

For more information see our Bereavement page or click on the button below to schedule a time with us.

Annual Memorials

Keeping the memory of your loved one alive can be difficult in social settings in a culture which tends to think that you will ‘get over it’.  You may start to feel as though you cannot even speak your deceased loved ones name. Creating regular memorials or rituals on special occasions or anniversaries can be a beautiful way to continue to acknowledge your deceased loved one and also creates the space socially.  


We can help you create your own unique celebration or ritual.

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