Home Vigil

"Listen to silence. It has so much to say"

Home care allows your loved one to remain in the family home or somewhere with a personal connection allowing you to sit in the initial space of grace that unfolds when a death occurs. 


We can provide:


  • Specialised guidance, support and a cooling plate for a successful vigil;

  • Transport for your person;

  • Care of your person including washing and anointing;

  • Service in all practicalities post vigil.

Although this can be an extremely traumatic time, allowing for the slowing down is one of the most cathartic actions you can take before the practicalities begin. This time will allow you to just be with your loved one and yourself, instead of in a state of ‘doing’.  There is great self care evident in this process allowing you to poise yourself in between the stage of living with someone and then having to live without them. In all circumstances of death, allowing this time can be likened to taking a deep breath to replenish and nourish you.  In some cultures the word ‘breathe’ and ‘soul’ are the same and we at Undertaking Grace invite you to fully embody your breath and ultimately your soul in this time.

This time is equally important for you to really think about important decisions instead of making knee-jerk ones.  If it is the case of a sudden death, you may not have had conversations about whether wedding rings (for example) will go with the body.  During this time we can help you make solid and thoughtful decisions about questions you will be asked that you may not be ready for.


We can provide a cooling plate which makes home care more achievable and we will provide any assistance you need with washing and dressing if you require it.  During this time we can be beside you or a phone call away, whatever you require.


Home care allows you to privately celebrate your loved one’s life and mourn their death together with family and friends for several days if you choose.  Choosing this service means that your loved one is never alone nor with strangers, it is you who accompanies them on their final journey.  

Home care can be established regardless of whether the person died at home or not.  Transporting the body from another place to the family home is not a problem.

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