Our Mission

Undertaking Grace is a funeral director committed to enriching lives through acknowledging our mortality and that of our beloveds.  We provide end of life planning and care, home vigils, funerals tailored for your family and support for the bereaved in learning to live without their loved ones.

Undertaking Grace was borne out of personal tragedy.  When faced with the sudden death of her husband, Claire and their daughter were hurled into an unrecognisable space.  It can be defined as feeling as though the contents of your self have been ripped out and then placed back in an unidentifiable order; the beauty of this is that things will eventually fit back into a place that feels stronger and more graceful than ever, if you allow it. 

The hardship is allowing it in a time where nothing is familiar and you are screaming for your loss.

During deep grief, even if blessed with family and friends for support, you can still feel utterly alone.  This is largely due to a lack of ritual and culture around these massive transitions in life. Increasingly all over the world we are losing the knowledge and wisdom of the elders.  Especially in the Western world we have seemingly eradicated them, moving toward what we think is growth and evolution. Yet when faced with such losses, we have no understanding of how to truly deal with them.  Only through ritual and deep space being held can we truly learn what it is to grieve and why we need to do it.

"Remember friends, as you pass by

As you are now so once was I.

As I am now, so you must be

Prepare yourself to follow me"


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