"Remember friends, as you pass by

As you are now so once was I.

As I am now, so you must be

Prepare yourself to follow me"


End of Life Planning

Preparation for your ultimate death is actually a process of being fully born. Once you accept that the death of your body is inevitable, you can truly go out and live. 


The question begging to be asked is ‘are you at peace?’


The living, the dying and the bereaved are all impacted by End of Life Care, and when it comes to death, there is no escaping; we are all going to die.  In Australia and overseas, too many people die in a manner they would not choose and this can leave those left behind feeling guilty and uncertain, impacting their own grieving process.


Having important discussions about your wishes with family and friends helps alleviate the stress and overwhelm that tends to happen when people are forced to make decisions on your behalf 


Undertaking Grace can help you prepare for your death with a full understanding of all of your legal rights here in Australia.  You do not need to be in a state of ill health to do this and we lovingly urge you to think about what you would like so that whenever the time comes, you and your family are somewhat prepared.  

We can assist you to make arrangements for all matters leading up to your death.  There are legal documents necessary but also documents that are non-legal but incredibly helpful in reflecting on your life and the legacy you wish to leave.  Undertaking Grace offers comprehensive advice and we can have this conversation with you on a personal level or facilitate a discussion with family and friends where you can express your wishes.  There is great value in those around you feeling as though they are participating in servicing your needs and desires.


We love hearing your ideas of what you would like and helping you create them so that you and your family are supported in a loving and celebratory way.


‘We suffer more when we do not communicate our wishes, we suffer less when we know how to honour the wishes of our loved one.’

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Disclaimer: Undertaking Grace does not hold funds on your behalf and instead suggest you put aside funds and let family know how to access them when the time comes.  We will hold your funeral information in our filing system, all you are required to do is advise family of this.

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