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Funerals; Bereavement and Soul Work

guidance in life's transitions

Undertaking Grace brings a full circle approach to life and death.  We are holistic funeral directors, guides and ceremonial specialists.  We provide services for the living, the dying and the bereaved.  

Our Home Vigil and Funeral Work services Mansfield VIC and surrounding regional areas;  Our Bereavement, Soul

 and End of Life Planning services Australia Nationwide

Contact us at any point from planning a funeral, burial or cremation; receiving a diagnosis; undergoing treatment; approaching end of life or in the confines of grief.  We are here for you and will guide, accompany and serve you each step of the way.

Call today on 0406 103 699 or 0477 804 343

As well as organising funerals, we also offer services in:

  • pre-death planning; 

  • comfort and support for those nearing death;

  • aiding with end of life transition; 

  • accompanying friends and families in this process; and

  • bereavement services, connecting you with ways to walk forward with your grief. 


Undertaking Grace is about connection to community, to spirit and to place. Through deep ritual we assist the living to live deeper, richer lives and assist the dying in the greatest transition of all, surrendering to the great Unknown. 

‘To live well, we must practice death. 

We bring courage and clarity to life choices

when we are aware that death is always with us,

and that we should be ready to meet it any day.’ 

Robert Moss



Mother, home based funeral director, soul activist and ninja gardener.  Having experienced massive grief in this lifetime my goal is to change the perception we have of death and how to grieve.  Life is fragile so let us live it well and know how to find the support we need in each moment. Connecting the dots between those bereaved and those who can guide them through the quagmire.

The darkness is sacred and the truth I have found within this veil is that only love and fear exist.  Choose Love.

Farmer, pilot and palliative care worker.  Co-Founder and Director of Mansfield Community Hospice (Rosehaven), and unexpected guide of many friends and family through the inevitable death transition.  Privileged to witness first hand the beauty and grace that comes with a well-prepared death, I encourage others to explore this part of life with less apprehension and more joy.

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